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September 1st – October 1st  

Picture Books

I want a dog
Agee, Jon

Attack of the 50-foot Fly Guy
Arnold, Tedd

The pumpkin runner
Arnold, Marsha Diane

Unicorns 101
Atkinson, Cale

Hi Jack!
Barnett, Mac

Jack blasts off!
Barnett, Mac

Just because
Barnett, Mac

Smell my foot!
Bell, Cece

The Berenstain Bears: that’s so rude!
Berenstain, Mike

Woody, Hazel and Little Pip
Beskow, Elsa

The great Santa stakeout
Bird, Betsy

Don’t call me Bear!
Blabey, Aaron

The tale of the tiger slippers
Brett, Jan

Snowmen at work
Buehner, Caralyn

The word pirates
Cooper, Susan

Pete the cat and the perfect pizza party
Dean, Kimberly and James

Pete the Kitty goes to the doctor
Dean, Kimberly and James

Christmas tree book
DePaola, Tomie

The scarecrow
Ferry, Beth

Bruce’s big storm
Higgins, Ryan T.

Dragon to the rescue
Kann, Victoria

The hundred-year barn
MacLachlan, Patricia

Bigger words for little geniuses
Patterson, Susan and James

Peppa Pig and the Christmas play

Who stole the hazelnuts? : a forest mystery
Pfister, Marcus

The bravest man in the world
Polacco, Patricia

 Mother Goose of Pudding Lane
Raschka, Chris

Three cheers for Kid McGear!
Rinker, Sherri Duskey

Because of an Acorn
Schaefer, Lola M.

Dr. Seuss’s horse museum
Seuss, Dr.

Mr. Nogginbody gets a hammer
Shannon, David

Who wet my pants?
Shea, Bob

Everyone counts
Sierra, Judy

Tavares, Matt

Teague, Mark

 How to catch a dinosaur
Wallace, Adam

An Elephant and  Piggie biggie! Volume 2
Willems, Mo

Friendship on the high seas
Yolen, Jane


Strange but true
J 001.94 Hul
Hulick, Kathryn

Prehistoric: dinosaurs, megalodons, and other fascinating creatures
J 560 Zoe
Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner

How to raise a reader
LA 649 Pau
Paul, Pamela

Pass go and collect $200
J 794 Sto
Stone, Tanya Lee

Land of zombies
J 794.8 Jef
Jefferson, Ed

Groundbreaking guys
J 920 Pat
Peters, Stephanie True

 What was the Berlin Wall?
J 943 Med
Medina, Nico

 The incredible yet true adventures of Alexander von Humboldt
Mehnert, Volker

Juvenile Fiction

Arlo Finch in the valley of fire
August, John

Arlo Finch in the lake of the moon
August, John

Top secret smackdown
Barnett, Mac

Miles Morales: with great power (graphic novel)
Bendis, Brian Michael

The benefits of being an octopus
Braden, Ann

The last kids on Earth and the midnight blade
Brallier, Max

Beneath the bed and other scary stories
Brallier, Max

Catstronauts: Race to Mars (graphic novel)
Brockington, Drew

 The Fire Keeper
Cervantes, J.C.

The Beast
Condie, Allie

Escape from the Isle of the lost
De la Cruz, Melissa

Beverly, right here
DiCamillo, Kate

Class action
Frank, Steven B.

Charlie Thorne and the last equation
Gibbs, Stuart

Vanderbeekers to the rescue
Glaser, Karina Yan

Game changer
Greenwald, Tommy

The 117-story treehouse
Griffiths, Andy

Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Hahn, Mary Downing

The magic misfits: the minor third
Harris, Neil Patrick

 Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl (graphic novel)
Hatke, Ben

Lifeboat 12
Hood, Susan

Squirrelflight’s hope
Hunter, Erin

The bookwanderers
James, Anna

Lalani of the distant sea
Kelly, Erin Entrada

Khorana, Aditi

Attack of the furball
Krosoczka, Jarrett J.

Strike zone
Lupica, Mike

Boy-crazy Stacey (graphic novel)
Galligan, Gale

The miscalculations of Lightning Girl
McAnulty, Stacy

Judy Moody: book quiz whiz
McDonald, Megan

Dragon curse
McMann, Lisa

Miles, Ellen

The big shrink
Mlynowski, Sarah

Until tomorrow, Mr. Marsworth
O’Connor, Sheila

The house in Poplar Wood
Ormsbee, K.E.

Beat the clock
Parish, Herman

The cat’s meow
Parish, Herman

Max Einstein: rebels with a cause
Patterson, James

Big Nate: hug it out!
Peirce, Lincoln

The tyrant’s tomb
Riordan, Rick

Amal unbound
Saeed, Aisha

Marvel amazing powers
Saunders, Catherine

Tunnel of bones
Schwab, Victoria

Schmitt, Adam P.

The Plant Planet
Scieszka, Jon

Korgi (graphic novel)
Slade, Christian

The mysterious Benedict Society and the riddle of ages
Stewart, Trenton Lee

 Island of Dragons
Stilton, Geronimo

A fashionable mystery
Stilton, Thea

The scare school (graphic novel)
Stine, R.L.

I survived the Great Molasses Flood, 1919
Tarshis, Lauren

Guts (graphic novel)
Telgemeier, Raina

The adventures of a girl called Bicycle
Uss, Christina

Stargazing (graphic novel)
Wang, Jen

Some places more than others
Watson, Renee

 Stick Cat: Two cats to the rescue
Watson, Tom

The length of a string
Weissman, Elissa Brent

Land of the spring dragon
West, Tracey

The turning
Whitman, Emily

 Young Adult

Brief chronicle of another stupid heartbreak
Alsaid, Adi

Kingdom of souls
Barron, Rena

Five dark fates
Blake, Kendare

Sword and Pen
Caine, Rachel  

Carmack, Cora

Carmack, Cora

Lost and found
Card, Orson Scott

Permanent record
Choi, Mary H.K.

Emezi, Akwaeke

Tell me everything
Enni, Sarah

All the bad apples
Fowley-Doyle, Moira

Run, hide, fight back
Henry, April

Loki: where mischief lies
Lee, Mackenzi

Serpent and dove
Mahurin, Shelby

Capturing the Devil
Maniscalco, Kerri

Morris, Brittney

Princess and the fangirl
Poston, Ashley

Harley Quinn: breaking glass
Tamaki, Mariko

Wayward son
Rowell, Rainbow

 Only ashes remain
Schaeffer, Rebecca

Shatter City
Westerfeld, Scott

The babysitters coven
Williams, Kate

Frankly in love
Yoon, David

    August 1st – September   1st  

Picture Books

Amos, Ruth

Noodleheads Fortress of Doom
Arnold, Tedd

Bad Kitty : searching for Santa
Bruel, Nick

Snowmen at Halloween
Buehner, Caralyn M.

Thumbs up for all
Coye, Emily

Llama, Llama mess, mess, mess
Dewdney, Anna

Peek A Bruce
Higgins, Ryan T.

Sorry, grown ups, you can’t go to school!
Holm, Jennifer L.

Looking for yesterday
Jay, Alison

The bad seed
Jory, John

Froggy picks a pumpkin
London, Jonathan

 As warm as the sun
McMullan, Kate and Jim

 Bear came along
Morris, Richard T.

I’m a gnome!
Peill-Meininghaus, Jessica

If Pluto was a pea
Prendergast, Gabrielle

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro

If I built a school
Van Dusen, Chris

A stone sat still
Wenzel, Brendan


Coding your own website
J 005 Cod
The Coder School

Coding with Scratch
J 005 Cod
The Coder School

Help your kids with computer coding
J 005.13 Hel
Vorderman, Carol

A very short, entirely true history of unicorns
J 398.24 Las
Laskow, Sarah

Nerd Aa-Zz
J 503 Res
Resler, Tamara J.

Solar system: our place in space
J 523.4 Mos GN
Mosco, Rosemary

Sharks: nature’s perfect hunter
J 567 Flo GN
Flood, Joe

All in a drop
J 579.092 Ale
Alexander, Lori

J 598.3 Mye
Myers, Maya

Bats: learning to fly
J 599.4 Koc GN
Koch, Falynn

Cats: nature and nurture
J 599.75 Hir
Hirsch, Andy

J 599.775 Mar
Marsh, Laura F.

 Polar bears: survival on ice
J 599.786 Vio GN
Viola, Jason

Cars: engines that move you
J 629.2 Zet GN
Zettwoch, Dan

Hacks for minecrafters
J 794.8 Mil
Miller, Megan

What is the story of Frankenstein?
J 823 Kee
Keenan, Sheila

History! : the past as you’ve never seen it before
J 909 His
Smithsonian Institution

First history encyclopedia
J 909 Wil
Wilkinson, Philip

Marie Curie: a life of discovery
Milani, Alice

Juvenile Fiction

Dead voices
Arden, Katherine

A royal guide to monster slaying
Armstrong, Kelley

Slapdash Science (graphic novel)
Brockington, Drew

Batman: The man behind the mask
Dahl, Michael

Feinstein, John

Best friends (graphic novel)
Hale, Shannon

Song for a whale
Kelly, Lynne

Klimo, Kate

What is the story of Wonder Woman?
Korte, Steve

The quest for the kid
Kress, Adrienne

Dear Justice League: a graphic novel
Northrop, Michael

The Smurfs Christmas (graphic novel)

Dog Man: for whom the ball rolls (graphic novel)
Pilkey, Dav

The case of the hat burglar
Preller, James

Korgi. Book 2, The cosmic collector (graphic novel)
Slade, Christian

Addison Cooke and the ring of destiny
Stokes, Jonathan W.

Lair of the bat monster
Vernon, Ursula

 Young Adult

The hive
Lyga, Barry

Vow of thieves
Pearson, Mary E.

Pumpkinheads: a graphic novel
Rowell, Rainbow

On a scale of 1 to 10
Scott, Ceylan

 July 1st – August   1st  

Picture Books

The Invention Hunters discover how machines works!
Briggs, Korwin

The Invention Hunters discover how electricity works!
Briggs, Korwin

My teacher is a robot
Brown, Jeffrey

Bad Kitty does not like Thanksgiving
Bruel, Nick

Rocket says look up!
Bryon, Nathan

Pete the cat’s trip to the supermarket
Dean, James

Bunny in the middle
Denise, Anika

Goodbye, friend! Hello, friend!
Doerrfeld, Cori

Not quite Snow White
Franklin, Ashley

One shoe two shoes
Hart, Caryl

Rocket’s very fine day
Hills, Tad

Mighty Reader and the Big Freeze
Hillenbrand, Will

Trains run!
Lyon, George Ella & Benn

McClintock, Barbara

Tangled :a story about shapes
Miranda, Anne

Unicorn Day
Murray, Diana

The school book
Parr, Todd

Reidy, Jean

Uni’s first sleepover
Rosenthal, Amy

Unicorn is maybe not so great after all
Shea, Bob

Thomas, Isabel

The pigeon has to go to school!
Willems, Mo

The great gran plan
Woollard, Elli


How to be a coder
J 005.13 Pro
Prottsman, Kiki

Two truths and a lie: forces of nature
J 031.2 Paq
Paquette, Ammi-Joan

Earth :by the numbers
J 550 Jen
Jenkins, Steve

Dinosaurs: by the numbers
J 567.9 Jen
Jenkins, Steve

I am a shark
J 578 Fro
Froeb, Lori C.

Look again: secrets of animal camouflage
J 591.47 Jen
Jenkins, Steve

Where is the Serengeti?
J 591.7 Med
Medina, Nico

J 598 Hoa
Hoare, Ben

Minecraft for beginners
J 794.8 Mil
Milton, Stephanie

J 940.1 Ste
Steele, Philip

  Juvenile Fiction

Destroyer down
Beatty, Scott

Serafina and the Seven stars
Beatty, Robert

Bad hair day
Benton, Jim

Freddie’s shadow cards
Brody, Jessica

 Carlos’s scavenger hunt
Brody, Jessica

Ally’s mad mystery
Brody, Jessica

A small zombie problem
Campbell, K.G.

The end of Orson Eerie?
Chabert, Jack

Bad unicorn
Clark, Platte F.

Fluff dragon
Clark, Platte F.

Good ogre
Clark, Platte F.

Awesome Dog 5000
Dean, Justin

Trip to the pumpkin farm
Elliott, Rebecca

Forgotten city
Ford, Michael

George and the ship of time
Hawking, Lucy

Holm, Jennifer L.

The doughnut king
Janowitz, Jessie

The doughnut fix
Janowitz, Jessie

Level 13
Korman, Gordon

Pie in the sky
Lai, Remy

Project fluffy
Lareau, Kara

Night of soldiers and spies
Messner, Kate

O’Hearn, Kate

To the future, Benjamin Franklin!
Osborne, Mary Pope

Big Nate: I can’t take it!
Peirce, Lincoln

Big Nate: Silent but deadly
Peirce, Lincoln

Big Nate: in the zone
Peirce, Lincoln

Amelia Earhart and the flying chariot
Sheinkin, Steve

The dummy meets the mummy!
Stine, R.L.

The poison jungle
Sutherland, Tui

To the forgotten castle
Thorpe, Kiki

White, J.A.

The long-lost home
Wood, Maryrose

Young Adult

Mirror, mirror
Calonita, Jen

Ghosts of the shadow market
Clare, Cassandra

The glass spare
De Stefano, Lauren

Sophia princess among beasts
Patterson, James

Soul of stars
Poston, Ashley

Wilder girls
Power, Rory

Sorcery of thorns
Rogerson, Margaret

Pan’s labyrinth: the labyrinth of the faun
Del Toro, Guillermo

Ship of smoke and steel
Wexler, Django







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