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               January 1st – February 1st  

Picture Books

Winter dance
Bauer, Marion Dane

Thelma the Unicorn
Blabey, Aaron

Wolf in the snow
Cordell, Matthew

How to celebrate Valentine’s day
Hallinan, P.K.

How to celebrate Christmas
Hallinan, P.K.

Pinkalicious and the merminnies
Kann, Victoria

Froggy builds a snowman
London, Jonathan

No rest for the Easter beagle
Schulz, Charles M.

If I were president
Stier, Catherine

Hello ninja
Wilson, N.D.

County  Fair
Wilder, Laura Ingalls


We the people
J 342.73 Che
Cheney, Lynne V.

J 598.5 Pol
Poliquin, Rachel

A beautiful day in the neighborhood
J 811 Rog
Rogers, Fred

Ordinary, extraordinary
Hopkinson, Deborah

Six dots: a story of young Louis Braille
Bryant, Jennifer

A poem for Peter
Pinkney, Andrea Davis

Abe Lincoln: the boy who loved books
Winters, Kay

A boy, a mouse, and a spider
Herkert, Barbara

Juvenile Fiction

Hello, Crabby!
Fenske, Jonathan

I am a super girl!
Greenawalt, Kelly

Peter and Ernesto: a tale of two sloths (graphic novel)
Annable, Graham

The Bad Guys in The baddest day ever (graphic novel)
Blabey, Aaron

Quarterback rush (graphic novel)
Bowen, Carl

Bad kitty joins the team
Bruel, Nick

All tangled up (graphic novel)
Burks, James

Bird and squirrel on ice (graphic novel)
Burks, James

Sparkly new friends
Burnell, Heather Ayris

Lily’s story
Cameron, W. Bruce

Mega Robo revenge (graphic novel)
Cameron, Neill

Mega Robo Bros. (graphic novel)
Cameron, Neill

Heidi Heckelbeck takes the cake
Coven, Wanda

Do you like my bike?
Feuti, Norm

Cucumber quest. Volume 1, The doughnut kingdom (graphic novel)
D.G., Gigi

Graley, Sarah

Forget-Me-Not Lake
Green, Poppy

A new friend
Green, Poppy

Looking for Winston
Green, Poppy

The emerald berries
Green, Poppy

Time shifters (graphic novel)
Grine, Chris

Making friends
Gudsnuk, Kristen

Diana, Princess of the Amazons (graphic novel)
Hale, Shannon and Dean

The untold stories
Hunter, Erin

The lost warrior (graphic novel)
Hunter, Erin

Warrior’s refuge (graphic novel)
Hunter, Erin

Journey to star wars
Ireland, Justina

Beastly Basketball  (graphic novel)
Johnson, Lauren

The jungle book (graphic novel)
Kipling, Rudyard

The dam keeper (graphic novel)
Kondo, Robert

Korman, Gordon

Compass south (graphic novel)
Larson, Hope

The Time museum (graphic novel)
Loux, Matthew

The hall of fame heist
Lupica, Mike

Suee and the shadow (graphic novel)
Ly, Ginger

Karen’s witch (graphic novel)
Farina, Katy

Camp (graphic novel)
Miller, Kayla

Click (graphic novel)
Miller, Kayla

Aquicorn Cove (graphic novel)
O’Neill, Katie

Bera the one-headed troll (graphic novel)
Orchard, Eric

Narwhal on a sunny night
Osborne, Mary Pope

The golden compass (graphic novel)
Durand-Melchior, Stephane

Spotlight soccer (graphic novel)
Sanchez, Ricardo

Korgi. Book 4, The problem with potions (graphic novel)
Slade, Christian

The quest for the enchanted sword (graphic novel)
Stevens, Cara J.

Wings of fire. Book one, the dragonet prophecy (graphic novel)
Sutherland, Tui T.

Wings of fire. Book three, The hidden kingdom (graphic novel)
Sutherland, Tui T.

The last journey
Thorpe, Kiki

 Mega princess (graphic novel)
Thompson, Kelly

Sheets (graphic novel)
Thummler, Brenna

Plants vs. zombies. Garden warfare (graphic novel)
Tobin, Paul

Plants vs. zombies. Garden warfare. Volume 2 (graphic novel)
Tobin, Paul

Gamayun tales. 3, Tyna of the Lake (graphic novel)
Utkin, Alexander

Gamayun tales. Volume 2, The water spirit. (graphic novel)
Utkin, Alexander

New shoes (graphic novel)
Varon, Sara

Houseboat mystery (graphic novel)
Warner, Gertrude Chandler

Tree house mystery (graphic novel)
Warner, Gertrude Chandler

Griffith’s guide for Dragon Masters
West, Tracey

 Young Adult

Miles Morales. Vol.2 (graphic novel)
Ahmed, Saladin

Night country
Albert, Melissa

Fullmetal alchemist. Vol.1-Vol.27 (graphic novel)
Arakawa, Hiromu

King Lear (graphic novel)
Hinds, Gareth

Macbeth (graphic novel)
Hinds, Gareth

Les miserable (graphic novel)
Hugo, Victor

Every other weekend
Johnson, Abigail

The Hand on the wall
Johnson, Maureen

A heart so fierce and broken
Kemmerer, Brigid

Outlaw: the legend of Robin Hood (graphic novel)
Lee, Tony

What I carry
Longo, Jennifer

The map from here to there
Lord, Emery

Just breathe
McGovern, Cammie

 Echoes between us
McGarry, Katie

One of us is next
McManus, Karen M.

Romeo and/or Juliet: a choosable-path adventure
North, Ryan

The stories of Edgar Allan Poe
Poe, Edgar Allan

The conference of the birds
Riggs, Ransom

Star Wars. Force collector
Shinick, Kevin

All the days past, all the days to come
Taylor, Mildred D.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (graphic novel)
Twain, Mark

The adventures of Tom Sawyer (graphic novel)
Twain, Mark

City of stone and silence
Wexler, Django

                    White, Kiersten             

December 1st – January 1st  

Picture Books

You loves Ewe!
Bell, Cece

The return of Thelma the Unicorn
Blabey, Aaron

Where is the sun?
Carle, Eric

Half acre

Frankel, Sarah

How to celebrate Thanksgiving
Hallinan, P.K.

Peppa’s magical unicorn
Holloway, Lauren

The cool bean
John, Jory

Stand in my shoes
Sornson, Bob

It only takes one friend
Taylor-Chiarello, Robin

Books are the best!
Testa, Maggie

Some snow is…
Yeomans, Ellen


Skyscrapers: the heights of engineering
J 500 Ker GN
Kerschbaum, John

The beginner art book for kids
J 741 Fre
Freeman, Daniel

Ancient civilizations Greeks!
J 938 Van
Van Vleet, Carmella

Where is the Vatican?
J 945.6 Sti
Stine, Megan

I am Amelia Earhart
Meltzer, Brad

Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
Demuth, Patricia

Major Impossible
Hale, Nathan

Zillions of practice problems for beginning algebra
LA 512 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred. Beginning algebra
LA 512 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.
Zillions of practice problems advanced algebra
LA 512.74 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred: advanced algebra
LA 512.74 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred. Pre-algebra 2 with economics
LA 512.9 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred. Pre-algebra 1 with biology
LA 512.9 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred. Pre-algebra 0 with physics
LA 512.9 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred: decimals and percents
LA 513 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred: fractions
LA 513.26 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred. Geometry
LA 516 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Life of Fred. Trigonometry
LA 516.24 Sch
Schmidt, Stanley F.

Telling time
LA 529 Adl
Adler, David A.

Juvenile Fiction

Mac cracks the code
Barnett, Mac 
Edison Beaker, creature seeker. 2, the lost city 
Cammuso, Frank

The Cloud Kingdom
Charman, Katrina

Henry Heckelbeck gets a dragon
Coven, Wanda

Henry Heckelbeck never cheats
Coven, Wanda

Bo’s magical new friend
Elliott, Rebecca

Eva’s campfire adventure
Elliott, Rebecca

Two dogs in a trench coat enter stage left
Falatko, Julie

The remarkable journey of Coyote Sunrise
Gemeinhart, Dan

The spying drone
Gregory, Kristiana

Nancy Drew Files Vol.I
Keene, Carolyn

Nancy Drew Files Vol.II
Keene, Carolyn

The legend of Battle Island
Korver, Matt

The monster of Battle Island
Korver, Matt

Invisible Emmie
Libenson, Terri

Just Jaime
Libenson, Terri

Magic Pickle and the garden of evil
Morse, Scott

Magic Pickle and the planet of the grapes
Morse, Scott

Magic Pickle and the Creature from the Black Legume
Morse, Scott

Super Sons: the Polarshield project (graphic novel)
Pearson, Ridley

Pilkey, Dav

Captain Underpants and the Terrifying return of Tippy 
Pilkey, Dav

Dragon gets by
Pilkey, Dav

Poppleton every day
Rylant, Cynthia

Thea Stilton and the Black Forest burglary
Stilton, Thea

Lumberjanes. The shape of friendship (graphic novel)
Sturges, Lilah

Goosebumps: horrors of the witch house (graphic novel)
Tipton, Denton J.

Plants vs. zombies. Garden warfare. Volume 3(graphic novel)
Tobin, Paul

The nebula secret
Trueit, Trudi

Minecraft: the End
Valente, Catherynne M.

Lumberjanes. 13, indoor recess (graphic novel)
Watters, Shannon

Hercules and the nine-headed Hydra
West, Tracey

Front desk
Yang, Kelly

Young Adult

Children of virtue and vengeance
Adeyemi, Tomi

I know you remember
Donaldson, Jennifer

Hearts, strings, and other breakable things
Firkins, Jacqueline

Stranger things. Six
Houser, Jody

A curse so dark and lonely
Kemmerer, Brigid

In the hall with the knife
Peterfreund, Diana

Sanderson, Brandon

Tarnished are the stars
Thor, Rosiee

November 1st – December 1st  

Picture Books

Sofia Valdez, future prez
Beaty, Andrea

Bad dog
Boldt, Mike

The pout-pout fish and the bully-bully shark
Diesen, Deborah

A tiger like me

Engler, Michael

Roly Poly
Fox, Mem

Penny and her sled
Henkes, Kevin

Pluto gets the call
Rex, Adam

The dinky donkey
Smith, Craig

How to catch a dragon
Wallace, Adam

This book is gray
Ward, Lindsay


Treasury of Bible stories
J 220.95 Nap
Napoli, Donna Jo

Solids, liquids, gases and plasma
J 530.4 Adl
Adler, David A.

No surrender: a father, a son and an extraordinary act of heroism
J 940.54 Edm
Edmonds, Chris

Encyclopedia of the American Indian history and culture
J 970 O’Br
O’Brien, Cynthia

Juvenile Fiction

Power of a princess
Baker, E.D.

The Fowl twins
Colfer, Eoin

Secret Hero Society. Book 4, Science fair crisis (graphic novel)
Fridolfs, Derek

Grabenstein, J.J. & Chris

The missing tooth fairy
Green, Poppy

 The Princess in Black and the bathtime battle
Hale, Shannon and Dean

Diary of a wimpy kid: wrecking ball
Kinney, Jeff

The lacrosse mix-up
Lupica, Mike

Messenger, Shannon

Miles, Ellen

The midwinter witch
Ostertag, Molly Knox

Ali Cross
Patterson, James

Super Sons: the Foxglove mission (graphic novel)
Pearson, Ridley

The obsidian compass
Shurtliff, Liesl

Knights club. The bands of bravery (graphic novel)

Knights club. The message of destiny (graphic novel)

Young Adult

The queen of nothing
Black, Holly

Cast, P.C.

Grant, Michael

Let it snow: three holiday romances
Green, John

Meyer, Marissa

Girls of storm and shadow
Ngan, Natasha

The survival list
Sheinmel, Courtney

The toll
Shusterman, Neal

Call down the hawk
Stiefvater, Maggie

The Guinevere deception
White, Kiersten








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