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Sept. 1st – Oct. 1st  

Picture Books

Thank you Mr. Panda
Antony, Steve

Fly Guy’s big family
Arnold, Tedd

A Christmas for bear
Becker, Bonny

Welcome to Super Hero High!
Carbone, Courtney

It take a village
Clinton, Hillary

Zog and the flying doctors
Donaldson, Julia

Littlest train
Gall, Chris

Princesses wear pants
Guthrie, Savannah

In the middle of fall
Henkes, Kevin

Bruce’s big move
Higgins, Ryan T.

Duck & Goose, honk! Quack! Boo!
Hills, Tad

This beautiful day
Jackson, Richard

Dance party countdown
Litwin, Eric

The Little red cat : who ran away 
McDonnell, Patrick

Love the world
Parr, Todd

Pete the cat and the lost tooth
Dean, James

Nothing rhymes with orange
Rex, Adam

Roller coaster
Perez, Monica

Uni the unicorn and the dream come true
Rosenthal, Amy

The bad mood and the stick
Snicket, Lemony

There you are Olivia
Spinner, Cala

The book of gold
Staake, Bob

The only fish in the sea
Stead, Philip C.

Mary McScary
Stine, R.L.

A leader names Leia
Heddle, Jennifer

I am Peace
Verde, Susan

Down to a science
West Alexandre

Santa’s Moose
Hoff, Syd

Batman Dino Dilemma
Lemke, Donald B.

JoJo and Daddy bake a cake
O’Connor, Jane


Get coding!
J 005.1 Get

Ripley’s believe it or not!: out of this world
J 031.02 Rip

Your happiest you 
J 155.42 Woo
Woodburn, Judy

Meditate with me
J 158.1 Gat
Gates, Mariam

J 398.21 Pea
Peabody, Erin

J 398.24 Pea
Peabody, Erin

The book of massively epic engineering disasters
J 507.8 Con
Connolly, Sean

Volcanoes : fire and life
J 551.21 Cha
Chad, Jon

Older than dirt
J 551.7 Bro
Brown, Don

Rocks & minerals
J 552 Sim
Simon, Seymour

What if there were no bees?
J 577.4 Sla
Slade, Suzanne

The animal book
J 590 Mar
Martin, Ruth

Smithsonian children’s illustrated animal atlas
J 591.9 Amb
Ambrose, Jamie

J 595.79 Hei
Heiligman, Deborah

Plagues : the microscopic battlefield
J 614.5 Koc
Koch, Falynn

Flying machines : how the Wright brothers 
J 629.133 Wil
Wilgus, Alison

Wicked bugs
J 632 Ste
Stewart, Amy

LEGO absolutely everything you need to know
J 688.7 Hug
Hugo, Simon

What is rock and roll?
J 781.66 O’Co
O’Connor, Jim

12 days of Christmas
J 782.42 Piz
Pizzoli, Greg

Minecraft : guide to the Nether & the End
J 794.8 Mil
Milton, Stephanie

 Hockey then to wow!
J 796.96 Pag
Page, Sam

I’m just no good at rhyming
J 811 Har
Harris, Chris

Runny Babbit returns
J 811 Sil
Silverstein, Shel

Don’t ever cross a crocodile
J 811 Sta
Starbird, Kaye

J 948.9 Gif
Gifford, Clive

South Africa
J 968 Gif
Gifford, Clive

J 972 Bro
Brooks, Susie

Where is the Mississippi River?
J 977 Ana
Anastasio, Dina

Where is Easter Island?
J 996.18 Sti
Stine, Megan

Who was Fidel Castro?
Fabiny, Sarah

Who was Alexander Hamilton?
Pollack, Pam

 42 is not just a number
Rappaport, Doreen

Sergeant Reckless
McCormick, Patricia

 Juvenile Fiction

Castle in the stars
Alice, A.

Applegate, Katherine

Maggie and the flying pigs
Baker, E.D.

Maggie and the unicorn
Baker, E.D.

The dreadful tale of Proper Redding
Bracken, Alexandra

The war I finally won
Bradley, Kimberly

The last kids on Earth and the Nightmare King
Brallier, Max

Quests for glory
Chainani, Soman

Zombies attack! : an unofficial 
Cheverton, Mark

Heidi Heckelbeck and the never-ending day
Coven, Wanda

 Prints in the sand : my journey with Nanea
Falligant, Erin

Dawn and the impossible three
Galligan, Gale

The demon’s door
Grabenstein, Chris

The witch’s glass
Grant, Holly

One for sorrow
Hahn, Mary Downing

The snow jewel
Harrison, Paula

Legends of Zita the spacegirl
Hatke, Ben

A song for the season
Hertz, Kellen

The night garden
Horvath, Polly

Tigerheart’s shadow
Hunter, Erin

Time for change
Johnson, Varian

Klimo, Kate

Tiny Tim
Klimo, Kate

The complete Chi’s sweet home. Part 1
Konami, Kanata

Growing up with Aloha
Larson, Kirby

 Hula for the home front
Larson, Kirby

Lone stars
Lupica, Mike

Just dance
MacLachlan, Patricia

The creeper code
Mann, Greyson

Secret ninja force
March, Julia

Michelle the winter wonderland fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Abby in Wonderland
Mlynowski, Sarah

At the bottom of the world
Nye, Bill

In the deep blue sea
Nye, Bill

Timmy Failure : now look what mistakes 
Pastis, Stephan

The baby smurf

The Smurf king

Smurf soup

Doctor Smurf

The wild smurf

The case of the glow in the dark ghost
Preller, James

The case of the mummy mystery
Preller, James

The sorcerer’s shadow
Quinn, Jordan

Pick the plot
Riley, James

The Ship of the Dead
Riordan, Rick

Power up!
Schmidt, Rebecca L.

Star Wars : Darth Maul

The chocolate chase
Stilton, Geronimo

The dragon fortune
Stilton, Geronimo

Lost in translation
Stilton, Geronimo

Stine, R.L.

Creep from the deep
Stine, R.L.

Little Shop of Hamsters
Stine, R.L.

My friends call me monster
Stine, R.L.

Night of the giant everything
Stine, R.L.

The scream of the haunted mask
Stine, R.L.
I am Slappy’s evil twin
Stine, R.L.

The empty grave
Stroud, Jonathan

Night of cake & puppets
Taylor, Laini

Stick Dog craves candy
Watson, Tom

Kit meets Covington
Weiss, Bobbi J.

Roar of the thunder dragon
West, Tracey

Beanstalker and other hilarious scary tales
White, Kiersten

Batgirl at Super Hero High
Yee, Lisa

Katana at Super Hero High
Yee, Lisa

Young Adult

If there’s no tomorrow
Armentrout, Jennifer L.

Tool of war
Bacigalupi, Paolo

The language of thorns
Bardugo, Leigh

One dark throne
Blake, Kendare

Before the devil breaks you
Bray, Libba

Jane unlimited
Cashore, Kristin

The final spark
Evans, Richard Paul

Backfield boys
Feinstein, John

Graudin, Ryan

Children of refuge
Haddix, Margaret

Swing it Sunny
Holm, Jennifer L.

Death and the girl next door
Jones, Darynda

Lu, Marie

Ness, Patrick

Oliver, Lauren

Crazy house
Patterson, James

Reintgen, Scott

The assassin’s curse
Sands, Kevin

All the crooked saints

Stiefvater, Maggie

August 1st _ Sept 1st  

Picture Books

The mermaid
Brett, Jan

Thanks from the very hungry caterpillar
Carle, Eric

Flat Stanley and the missing pumpkins
Houran, Lori Haskins

Julia’s house for lost creatures
Hatke, Ben

Goodbye Autumn, hello winter
Pak, Kenard

Big words for little geniuses
Patterson, Sue

Creepy pair of underwear
Reynolds, Aaron

Sam, the most scaredy cat kid in the whole world
Willems, Mo


Dinosaur empire
J 567.9 How
Howard, Abby

What makes a monster?
J 591.6 Kea
Keating, Jess

The arts : a visual encyclopedia
J 700.9 Art

LEGO the Ninjago movie
J 791.43 Mar
March, Julia

Juvenile Fiction

The Bad Guys in attack of the zittens
Blabey, Aaron

Royal crush
Cabot, Meg

Bailey’s story
Cameron, W. Bruce

The Losers Club
Clements, Andrew

The Princess in black and the mysterious playdate
Hale, Shannon

The secret promise
Harrison, Paula

The wishing pearl
Harrison, Paula

The golden shell
Harrison, Paula

The ice diamond
Harrison, Paula

The lost gold
Harrison, Paula

The magic rings
Harrison, Paula

The moonlight mystery
Harrison, Paula
The shimmering stone
Harrison, Paula

The silver locket
Harrison, Paula

The stolen crystals
Harrison, Paula

Mighty Jack
Hatke, Ben

Mighty Jack and the Goblin King
Hatke, Ben

The darkness
Huddleston, Tom

A big day for baseball
Osborne, Mary Pope

Laugh out loud
Patterson, James

A tale of two kitties
Pilkey, Dav

I survived the American Revolution , 1776
Meadows, Daisy

How to capture an invisible cat
Tobin, Paul

Alone in the night
Webb, Holly

A home for Sandy
Webb, Holly

Teddy in trouble
Webb, Holly

Lloyd : a hero’s journey
West, Tracey

Young Adult

Wonder Woman : Warbringer
Bardugo, Leigh

Leia : princess of Alderaan
Gray, Claudia

Houck, Colleen

The hearts we sold
Lloyd-Jones, Emily

Genuine fraud
Lockhart, E.

Tower of dawn
Maas, Sarah J.

The arsonist
Oakes, Stephanie

Thirteen Rising

Russell, Romina

July 1st – August 1st  

Picture Books

LMNO peaquel
Baker, Keith

The tangled web of super tech
Busse, R.R.

Wonder Woman to the rescue!
Carbone, Courtney

Wonder Woman : the story of the amazon princess
Cosentino, Ralph

Johnson, Terry

I am an Amazon warrior
Korte, Steven

Meet the heroes
Korte, Steven

Maze of magic
Marsham, Liz

Mama’s kisses
McMullan, Kate

Rylant, Cynthia

The scariest book ever
Shea, Bob

I am Wonder Woman
Stein, Erin

Say zoop!
Tullet, Herve

Max’s lunch
Wells, Rosemary

Wrecks, Billy


The Salem witch trials
J 133.4 Ohl
Ohlin, Nancy

J 523 Pri
Prinja, Raman

Explore comets and asteroids
J 523.6 Yas
Yasuda, Anita

My book of rocks and minerals
J 552 Den
Dennie, Devin

The Kingfisher dinosaur encyclopedia
J 567.9 Ben
Benton, M.J.

Cells : Experience life at it’s tiniest
J 570 Gib
Gibson, Karen

Oceans and seas
J 577.7 Par
Parker, Steve

595.7 Tay
Taylor, Barbara

Kids guide to camping
J 796.54 Win
Winner, Cherie

Polar lands
J 998 Gif
Gifford, Clive

Who was Andrew Jackson?
Yacka, Douglas

Juvenile Fiction

The star thief
Becker, Lindsey

Attack of the 50-ft Cupid
Benton, Jim

The complete Franny K. Stein, mad scientist
Benton, Jim

The Fran that time forgot
Benton, Jim

The Fran with four brains
Benton, Jim

The Frandidate
Benton, Jim

Frantastic voyage
Benton, Jim

The invisible Fran
Benton, Jim

Lunch walks among us
Benton, Jim

Molly’s story
Cameron, W. Bruce

Land of stories: worlds collide
Colfer, Chris

Midnight at Madame Leota’s
Esposito, John

Once upon a twist : Rosabella and the three bears
Finn, Perdita

Gerver, Jane E.

Roller girl
Emerson, Marcus

Wonder Woman
Korte, Steven

The Force oversleeps
Krosoczka, Jarrett

Lisa, the lollipop fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Clare the caring fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Esther the kindness fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Mary the sharing fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Mimi the laughter fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Olivia Nibblesqueak’s messy mischief
Meadows, Daisy

Look out! Ghost mountain below
Oliver, Lin

Splat! Another messy Sunday
Oliver, Lin

The haunted dinosaur
Stilton, Geronimo

The mysterious message
Stilton, Geronimo

Attack of the Jack
Stine, R.L.

Nnewts. Book two, The rise of Herk
TenNapel, Doug

Brave Batgirl!
Webster, Christy

The door before
Wilson, Nathan D.

Young Adult

Aguirre, Ann

The last echo
Derting, Kimberly

The secret history of us
Kirby, Jessi

One of us is lying
McManus, Karen M.

I see London, I see France
Mlynowski, Sarah

These things I’ve done
Phillips, Rebecca

The beautiful lost
Rice, Luanne

Wonder Woman. Vol.1 The lies
Rucka, Greg

Now I rise

White, Kiersten


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