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July 1st – August 1st  

Picture Books

LMNO peaquel
Baker, Keith

The tangled web of super tech
Busse, R.R.

Wonder Woman to the rescue!
Carbone, Courtney

Wonder Woman : the story of the amazon princess
Cosentino, Ralph

Johnson, Terry

I am an Amazon warrior
Korte, Steven

Meet the heroes
Korte, Steven

Maze of magic
Marsham, Liz

Mama’s kisses
McMullan, Kate

Rylant, Cynthia

The scariest book ever
Shea, Bob

I am Wonder Woman
Stein, Erin

Say zoop!
Tullet, Herve

Max’s lunch
Wells, Rosemary

Wrecks, Billy


The Salem witch trials
J 133.4 Ohl
Ohlin, Nancy

J 523 Pri
Prinja, Raman

Explore comets and asteroids
J 523.6 Yas
Yasuda, Anita

My book of rocks and minerals
J 552 Den
Dennie, Devin

The Kingfisher dinosaur encyclopedia
J 567.9 Ben
Benton, M.J.

Cells : Experience life at it’s tiniest
J 570 Gib
Gibson, Karen

Oceans and seas
J 577.7 Par
Parker, Steve

595.7 Tay
Taylor, Barbara

Kids guide to camping
J 796.54 Win
Winner, Cherie

Polar lands
J 998 Gif
Gifford, Clive

Who was Andrew Jackson?
Yacka, Douglas

Juvenile Fiction

The star thief
Becker, Lindsey

Attack of the 50-ft Cupid
Benton, Jim

The complete Franny K. Stein, mad scientist
Benton, Jim

The Fran that time forgot
Benton, Jim

The Fran with four brains
Benton, Jim

The Frandidate
Benton, Jim

Frantastic voyage
Benton, Jim

The invisible Fran
Benton, Jim

Lunch walks among us
Benton, Jim

Molly’s story
Cameron, W. Bruce

Land of stories: worlds collide
Colfer, Chris

Midnight at Madame Leota’s
Esposito, John

Once upon a twist : Rosabella and the three bears
Finn, Perdita

Gerver, Jane E.

Roller girl
Emerson, Marcus

Wonder Woman
Korte, Steven

The Force oversleeps
Krosoczka, Jarrett

Lisa, the lollipop fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Clare the caring fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Esther the kindness fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Mary the sharing fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Mimi the laughter fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Olivia Nibblesqueak’s messy mischief
Meadows, Daisy

Look out! Ghost mountain below
Oliver, Lin

Splat! Another messy Sunday
Oliver, Lin

The haunted dinosaur
Stilton, Geronimo

The mysterious message
Stilton, Geronimo

Attack of the Jack
Stine, R.L.

Nnewts. Book two, The rise of Herk
TenNapel, Doug

Brave Batgirl!
Webster, Christy

The door before
Wilson, Nathan D.

Young Adult

Aguirre, Ann

The last echo
Derting, Kimberly

The secret history of us
Kirby, Jessi

One of us is lying
McManus, Karen M.

I see London, I see France
Mlynowski, Sarah

These things I’ve done
Phillips, Rebecca

The beautiful lost
Rice, Luanne

Wonder Woman. Vol.1 The lies
Rucka, Greg

Now I rise

White, Kiersten

June 1st – July 1st  

Picture Books

Meet Spidey
Cho, Charles

Andy & Sandy and the big talent show
DePaola, Tomie

Little Excavator
Dewdney, Anna

The book no one ever read
Funke, Cornelia

Class pet mess!
Gutman, Dan

I’m smart
McMullan, Kate

Blue sky white stars
Naberhaus, Sarvinder

Fancy Nancy : time for puppy school
O’Connor, Jane

Friends and foes
Palacios, Tomas

Out of the world
Dean, James

Ben’s revolution
Philbrick, Nathaniel

Dr. Seuss’s sleep book
Seuss, Dr.

Clark the shark and the big book report
Hale, Bruce


The story of coding
J 005.1 Kel
Kelly, James F.

Coding projects in Python
J 005.13 Cod
Morgan, Ben

The wacky world of living things
J 031.02 Ber
Berger, Melvin

The Industrial Revolution
J 330.94 Hel
Helfand, Lewis

DK first science encyclopedia
J 503 DK

Exploring space
J 520.9 Jen
Jenkins, Martin

Seven wonders of the solar system
J 523.2 Agu
Aguilar, David A.

Marine science for kids
551.46 Hes
Hestermann, Josh

Dino records
J 567.9 Agr
Agresta, Jen

J 591.47 Bar
Barr, Brady

J 597.96 Buc
Buckley, James

The space race
J 629.4 Ohl
Ohlin, Nancy

Where is the Eiffel Tower?
J 725 Ana
Anastasio, Dina

Minecraft : guide to creative
J 794.8 Jel
Jelley, Craig

Minecraft : guide to exploration
J 794.8 Mil
Milton, Stephanie

Pirate attack!
J 910.4 Loc
Lock, Deborah

The day the world went nuclear
J 940.54 O’Re
O’Reilly, Bill

World War Two
J 940.54 Qui
Quinn, Jason

Where are the Galapagos Islands?
J 986.6 Sti
Stine, Megan

Juvenile Fiction

The unexpected life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts

Maggie and the flying horse
Baker, E.D.

All about Ellie
Barkley, Callie

Amy and the missing puppy
Barkley, Callie

Amy meets her stepsister
Barkley, Callie

Ellie’s lovely idea
Barkley, Callie

Liz at Marigold Lake
Barkley, Callie

Liz learns a lesson
Barkley, Callie

Marion takes a break
Barkley, Callie

Marion strikes a pose
Barkley, Callie

Serafina and the splintered heart
Beatty, Robert

Heidi Heckelbeck and the magic puppy
Coven, Wanda

Cronin, Doreen

My worst frenemy
Emerson, Marcus

Diary of a 6th grade ninja
Emerson, Marcus

Pirate invasion
Emerson, Marcus

Rise of the red ninjas
Emerson, Marcus

A game of chase
Emerson, Marcus

Terror at the talent show
Emerson, Marcus

Buchanan bandits
Emerson, Marcus

Emerson, Marcus

Spirit week shenanigans
Emerson, Marcus

The scavengers strike back
Emerson, Marcus

Lily and Fin
Funke, Cornelia

Beach party surf monkey
Grabenstein, Chris

The amazing book of Marvel Spider-Man
Grange, Emma

Mrs. Master is a disaster
Gutman, Dan

The stone heart
Hicks, Faith Erin

The nameless city
Hicks, Faith Erin

Our only May Amelia
Holm, Jennifer L.

Lights, camera, middle school!
Holm, Jennifer L.

Spirits in the stars
Hunter, Erin

Broken pride
Hunter, Erin

Korman, Gordon

The door in the alley
Kress, Adrienne

Chloe Slipperslide’s secret
Meadows, Daisy

Evie scruffypup’s surprise
Meadows, Daisy

Clawdeen Wolf and the Freaky-Fabulous Fashion show
Monstrata, Nessi

Cleo DeNile and the creeperific mummy makeover
Monstrata, Nessi

Draculaura and the new stepmomster
Monstrata, Nessi

Frankie Stein and the new ghoul at school
Monstrata, Nessi

Amelia Bedelia makes a splash
Parish, Herman

Pottymouth & Stoopid
Patterson, James

Smurfs 23: Can’t smurf progress

The shadow cipher
Ruby, Laura

Nate the Great and the missing birthday snake
Sharmat, Andrew

Operation: secret recipe
Stilton, Geronimo

The ship of secrets
Stilton, Geronimo

Shoo, caveflies!
Stilton, Geronimo

Cats in the city
Watson, Tom

Save me a seat
Weeks, Sarah

Young Adult

Cast, P.C.

What happens now
Castle, Jennifer

The last of August
Cavallaro, Brittany

Once and for all
Dessen, Sarah

A northern light
Donnelly, Jennifer

Just dreaming
Gier, Kerstin

Generation One
Lore, Pittacus

The outliers
McCreight, Kimberly

Midnight jewel
Mead, Richelle

When Dimple met Rishi
Menon, Sandhya

The dragons of winter
Owen, James A.

Dream fall
Plum, Amy

Rossi, Veronica

Our dark duet
Schwab, Victoria

Spooner, Meagan

Love & gelato
Welch, Jenna

And then there were four
Werlin, Nancy

The serpent king

Zentner, Jeff

May 1st – June 1st  

Picture Books

Before I leave
Bagley, Jessica

Baxter Bear and Moses Moose
Bernier, Evariste

And then comes Summer
Brenner, Tom

Woodpecker wants a waffle
Breen, Steve

The guardians save the day
Busse, R.R.

The return of Rocket and Groot
Cho, Charles

Grandad’s island
Davies, Benji

Pete the cat and the tip-top tree house
Dean, James

Pete the cat and the cool cat boogie
Dean, Kim

Strega Nona and the twins
DePaola, Tomie

Go sleep in your own bed
Fleming, Candace

Bulldozer helps out
Fleming, Candace

The case of the stinky stench
Funk, Josh

Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast
Funk, Josh

Gaiman, Neil

Owl sees owl
Godwin, Laura

Hotel Bruce
Higgins, Ryan T.

Trick or treat countdown
Hubbard, Patricia

Kann, Victoria

Light, Steve

The branch
Messier, Mireille

Princess! Fairy! Ballerina!
Murguia, Bethanie Deeney

If you ever want to bring a circus to the libray, Don’t!
Parsley, Elise

Chester Raccoon and the almost perfect sleepover
Penn, Audrey

The three billy goats gruff
Pinkney, Jerry

Trains don’t sleep
Rosenbaum, Andria

Goldfish Ghost
Snicket, Lemony

Ladybug Girl’s day out with Grandpa
Davis, Jacky

Crossing Niagara
Tavares, Matt

Hattie & Hudson
Van Dusen, Chris

The seashore book
Zolotow, Charlotte


J 001.944 Pea
Peabody, Erin

The Loch Ness monster
J 001.944 Pea
Peabody, Erin

Grimms’ fairy
J 398.2 Enc
Encarnacion, Elizabeth

Unmasking the science of superpowers!
J 502 Bro
Brown, Jordan

How to be a scientist
J 507.8 How
Mould, Steve

Looking up!: the science of stargazing
J 520 Rao
Rao, Joe

J 551.55 Sim
Simon, Seymour

The cool story behind snow
Rao, Joe

J 574.5 Sil
Silver, Donald M.

J 595.7 Rom
Romero, Libby

The Great White shark scientist
J 597.3 Sko
Montgomery, Sy

How airplanes get from here…to there!
J 629.13 Bro
Brown, Jordan

The stellar story of space travel
J 629.4 Lak
Lakin, Patricia

The sugary secrets behind candy
J 641.85 Ory
O’Ryan, Ellie

Lego Star Wars: the visual dictionary
J 688.7 Bee
Beecroft, Simon

Blast back!: ancient Egypt
J 932.01 Ohl
Ohlin, Nancy

Blast back!: ancient Greece
J 938 Ohl
Ohlin, Nancy

Blast back!: Vikings
J 948 Ohl
Ohlin, Nancy

50 states: our America
J 973 50
Time for Kids

What was the Wild West?
J 978 Pas
Pascal, Janet B.

Juvenile Fiction

Anders, Low

Ms. Bixby’s last day
Anderson, John David

The unbreakable code
Bertman, Jennifer

The real Z
Calonita, Jen

Sam battles the machine!
Chabert, Jack

Heidi Heckelbeck and the Christmas surprise
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck gets the sniffles
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck is a flower girl
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck is not a thief!
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck and the tie-dyed bunny
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck is the bestest babysitter!
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck makes a wish
Coven, Wanda
Heidi Heckelbeck might be afraid of the dark
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck says “cheese!”
Coven, Wanda

Heidi Heckelbeck tries out for the team
Coven, Wanda

Rise of the Isle of the Lost
De la Cruz, Melissa

Real friends
Hale, Shannon

Tenney shares the stage
Hertz, Kellen

The nest
Huddleston, Tom

The forgotten warrior
Hunter, Erin

Quest for the golden arrow
Jones, Carrie

Time stoppers
Jones, Carrie

Island of the sun
Kirby, Matthew J.

Lumberjanes: band together

The poet’s dog
MacLachlan, Patricia

Wonder Woman: warrior for justice
Marsham, Liz

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2
McCann, Jim

Carmen the cheerleading fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Miles, Ellen

The fearsome firebird
Oliver, Lauren

The screaming statue
Oliver, Lauren

The cat stole my pants
Pastis, Stephan

Heart of the land
Prineas, Sarah

Middle school mayhem
Russell, Rachel Renee

Pirate spacecat atttack
Stilton, Geronimo

Thea Stilton and the frozen fiasco
Stilton, Geronimo

The snare
Scott, Cavan

The song of glory and ghost
Wilson, Nathan D.

Beyond the sea
Wolk, Lauren

Young Adult

Flame in the mist
Ahdieh, Renee

Ahern, Cecelia

Lord of shadows
Clare, Cassandra

The white rose
Ewing, Amy

Dream on
Gier, Kerstin

Guardians of the galaxy vol.2: prelude

Halpern, Jake

The scattering
McCreight, Kimberly

Dear reader
O’Connell, Mary

Rebel rising
Revis, Beth

Raging star
Young, Moira

Rebel heart

Young, Moira


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