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        August 1st – September 1st  

Picture Books

Alber, Diane

Warriors of Wakanda
Berrios, Frank

Riparia’s river
Caduto, Michael J.

Colon, Raul

Pete the Cat goes camping
Dean, James

The pout-pout fish and the can’t sleep blues
Diesen, Deborah

Half acre
Frankel, Sarah

Princesses save the world
Guthrie, Savannah

Lloyd vs. Lord Garmadon
Howard, Kate

Giraffe problems
John, Jory

Pete the cat’s 12 groovy days of Christmas
Dean, Kim

Seeger, Laura Vaccaro

Where is Robin?
Testa, Maggie

The gym teacher from the Black Lagoon
Thaler, Mike

Mouse loves fall
Thompson, Lauren

I am human : A book of empathy
Verde, Susan

I lost my tooth!
Willems, Mo

Presto & Zesto in Limboland
Yorinks, Arthur

A unicorn named Sparkle’s first Christmas
Young, Amy


The color monster : a story about emotions
J 152.4 Lle

Above and beyond : NASA’s journey to tomorrow
J 629.4 Rhu
Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola

There’s a hole in the log on the bottom of the lake
J 782.42 Lon
Long, Loren

Fantastic failures : true stories of people who changed the world
J 920 Rey
Reynolds, Luke

Good night stories for rebel girls
J 920.72 Fav
Favilli, Elena

The thrifty guide to ancient Greece
J 938 Sto
Stokes, Jonathan

On the field with…Tom Brady
Christopher, Matt

Cyrus Field’s big dream
Cowan, Mary Morton

Morales, Yuyi

  Juvenile Fiction

Castle in the stars : the Moon-King
Alice, A.

The last kids on Earth and the cosmic beyond
Brallier, Max

The storm runner
Cervantes, Jennifer

The Wither invasion
Cheverton, Mark

Saving Winslow
Creech, Sharon

Spy school goes south
Gibbs, Stuart

The princess in black and the science fair scare
Hale, Shannon

The second story
Harris, Neil Patrick

Star Wars : Thrawn
Houser, Jody

Crowfeather’s trial
Hunter, Erin

Hocus pocus & the all new sequel
Gillen, Kieron

Holm, Jennifer L.

Stealing the sword
Mass, Wendy

Winnie’s great war
Mattick, Lindsay

Judy Moody and the right royal tea party
McDonald, Megan

Robyn the Christmas party fairy
Meadows, Daisy

Weather or not
Mlynowski, Sarah

The clash of the withers
Morgan, Winter

Big Nate goes bananas
Peirce, Lincoln

Pie Girl
Potter, Ellen

9 from the Nine Worlds
Riordan, Rick

City of ghosts
Schwab, Victoria

The phantom bandit
Stilton, Geronimo

I survived the attack of the grizzlies, 1967
Tarshis, Lauren

Plants vs. zombies : battle extravagonzo
Tobin, Paul

Plants vs. zombies : Bully for you
Tobin, Paul

Plants vs. zombies. Lawnmageddon
Tobin, Paul

Plants vs. zombies : petal to the metal
Tobin, Paul

Plants vs. zombies : Timepocalypse
Tobin, Paul

Plants vs. zombies : boom boom mushroom
Tobin, Paul

The law of finders keepers
Turnage, Sheila

The Isle of the Lost
Venditti, Robert

Little Red Rodent Hood
Vernon, Ursula

Shine of the Silver Dragon
West, Tracey

  Young Adult

The golden tower
Black, Holly

Two dark reigns
Blake, Kendare

Hiassen, Carl

The Lantern’s Ember
Houck, Colleen

Lu, Marie

And the ocean was our sky
Ness, Patrick

Nielsen, Jennifer A.

Shusterman, Neal

Little do we know
Stone, Tamara

A room away from the wolves
Suma, Nova Ren

Summers, Courtney

Muse of nightmares
Taylor, Laini

Westerfeld, Scott

The dark descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein

White, Kiersten

  July 1st – August 1st  

Picture Books

The plot chickens
Auch, Mary Jane

The Berenstain Bears stand up to bullying
Berenstain, Mike

Cat wishes
Brill, Calista

3x4 with Annemarie
Brunetti, Ivan

There’s a bear on my chair
Collins, Ross

Cummins, Lucy Ruth

A big mooncake for little star
Lin, Grace

Thomas & friends character encyclopedia
March, Julia

Fancy Nancy and the quest for the unicorn
O’Connor, Jane

Chez Nancy
Verdick, Elizabeth

Go to sleep, little creep
Quinn, David

Grow up, David!
Shannon, David

The day you begin
Woodson, Jacqueline

Monster Academy
Yolen, Jane


Smithsonian science
J 500 Bea

Two truths and a lie : it’s alive!
J 508 Paq
Paquette, Ammi-Joan

Visual guide to math
J 513.2 Wil
Wilding, Karen

Rocks and Fossils
J 552 Gif
Gifford, Clive

Ocean renegrades!
J 567.9 How
Howard, Abby

Absolute expert dinosaurs
J 567.9 Nar
Nargi, Lela

A log’s life
J 574.5 Pfe
Pfeffer, Wendy

Trees : kings of the forest
J 582.16 Hir
Hirsch, Andy

Creaturepedia : welcome to the greatest show on Earth
J 590.3 Bar
Barman, Adrienne

The ultimate kids’ cookbook
J 641.5 Dah
Dahle, Tiffany

Children’s illustrated history atlas
J 909 Ada
Adams, Simon

Who were the Tuskegee Airmen?
J 940.54 Smi
Smith, Sherri L.

 Juvenile Fiction

El deafo
Bell, Cece

The bad guys in Do-you-think-he-saurus
Blabey, Aaron

The daybreak bond
Blakemore, Megan Frazer

Boothby, Ian

Colfer, Eoin

Bear country
Cronin, Doreen

Eva’s big sleepover
Elliott, Rebecca

The Red Fox Clan
Flanagan, John

The wild chicks
Funke, Cornelia

Kristy’s big day
Galligan, Gale

 Star Wars 8
Gillen, Kieron

The third mushroom
Holm, Jennifer L.

Subway Series surprise
Kelly, David A.

The football fiasco
Lupica, Mike

Lagoona Blue and the big sea scarecation
Monstrata, Nessi

Mystery on Mushroom Island
Morgan, Winter

Hurricane heroes in Texas
Osborne, Mary Pope

Unbelievably boring Bart
Patterson, James

Lord of the fleas
Pilkey, Dav

The land of yesterday
Reynolds, K.A.

Winter war
Shirer, Priscilla

Star Wars adventures : endangered

The guardian of the realm
Stilton, Geronimo

The secret invention
Stilton, Thea

Bride of the living dummy
Stine, R.L.

Haunted mask 2
Stine, R.L.

The headless ghost
Stine, R.L.

Chill of the ice dragon
West, Tracey

White, J.A.

 Young Adult

The hunt
Fukuda, Andrew

The edge of everything
Giles, Jeff

People kill people
Hopkins, Ellen

Monstress. Volume one, Awakening
Liu, Marjorie M.

Monstress. Volume two, The blood
Liu, Marjorie M.

Catwoman : soulstealer
Maas, Sarah J.

Rise of the Black Panther
Narcisse, Evan

The Invasion
O’Guilin, Peadar

Dance of thieves
Pearson, Mary

This story is a lie
Pollock, Tom

Heart of iron
Poston, Ashley

Orange : the complete collection. 1
Takano, Ichigo

Orange : the complete collection. 2
Takano, Ichigo

Harbor me
Woodson, Jacqueline

 July 1st – August 1st  

Picture Books

At night
Bean, Jonathan

Rosie Revere, engineer
Beaty, Andrea

Chung, Arree

Hattie and the fox
Fox, Mem

Best frints at skrool
Portis, Antoinette

Are you scared, Darth Vader?
Rex, Adam

Race to the moon!
Shaw, Natalie

Don’t pick your nose, Pinocchio!
Smallman, Steve

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, wash your hair!
Smallman, Steve

Peep leap
Verdick, Elizabeth

Woodcock, Fiona

A unicorn named Sparkle
Young, Amy


Coding games in Python
J 005.13 Cod

Boats : fast & slow
J 387.209 Vol
Volant, Iris

How to be good at science, technology & engineering
J 500 Din
Dinwiddie, Robert

J 531 Dod
Dodd, Emily

Are you a dragonfly?
J 595.7 All
Allen, Judy

The race to space : countdown to liftoff
J 629.4 Sla
Slader, Erik

J 635.9 Gib
Gibbons, Gail

Minecraft : guide to : PVP minigames
J 793.93 Mil
Milton, Stephanie

National parks of the U.S.A.
J 917.304 Sib
Siber, Kate

The Wright brothers : nose-diving into history
J 920 Sla
Slader, Erik

What was the Holocaust?
J 940.53 Her
Herman, Gail

A kids’ guide to the American Revolution
J 973.3 Kru
Krull, Kathleen

Who was Frederick Douglass?
Prince, April Jones

Malala’s magic pencil
Yousafzai, Malala

Juvenile Fiction

Willa of the wood
Beatty, Robert

The Withers awaken : an unofficial Minecrafter’s adventure
Cheverton, Mark

The curious kangaroo
Cobb, Amelia

The eager elephant
Cobb, Amelia

The pesky polar bear
Cobb, Amelia

The playful panda
Cobb, Amelia

The Lifters
Eggers, Dave

Grim grinning ghosts
Esposito, John

Date with disaster
Fontana, Shea

Past times at Super Hero High
Fontana, Shea

The griffin’s feather
Funke, Cornelia

The Basque dragon
Gidwitz, Adam

The 91-story treehouse
Griffiths, Andy

Mr. Will needs to chill!
Gutman, Dan

The Titanic mission
Gutman, Dan

Gravity Falls : lost legends
Hirsch, Alex

Miss communication
Holm, Jennifer L.

The exile’s journey
Hunter, Erin

Johnson, Terry

The principal strike back
Krosoczka, Jarrett

Fire the depths
Lerangis, Peter

Trapped in the temple
Morgan, Winter

Beneath the blocks
Morgan, Winter

The skeleton secret
Morgan, Winter

Stolen treasure
Morgan, Winter

Platns vs. zombies : rumble at Lake Gumbo
Tobin, Paul

Lumberjanes 9 : On a roll
Watters, Shannon

 Young Adult

Boone, Martina

Boone, Martina

The darkest legacy
Bracken, Alexandra

Smoke and iron
Caine, Rachel

Cast, P.C.

The brink of darkness
Giles, Jeff

Hero at the fall
Hamilton, Alwyn

To all the boys I loved before
Han, Jenny

The collide
McCreight, Kimberly

Court of shadows
Roux, Madeleine

Bright we burn

White, Kiersten




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